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Loving Twitter

December 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Web 2.0/Social Media

I had to miss the first Western Massachusetts Tweetup since I joined Twitter a few months ago, because we’re in the middle of a serious blizzard and I live several miles from town on winding, hilly country roads.

And this was a bummer–I was very much looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new online-only friends.

What do I like about Twitter?

I am amazed by the powerful networking on Twitter, and the great resources people constantly post. I’ve also gotten a speaking gig and a serious client nibble, plus continue to build my own brand identity and interest in the book I’m writing. Plus it’s a great source for free advice. After just a few months, I have 509 followers, including some pretty heavy people in the Internet world.

I also love the way spamming is basically impossible. If your page is full of junk, I either won’t follow you in the first place or will unfollow you.

In short, of all the social media where I participate, Twitter has rapidly become my favorite. The way to get followers is to post really cogent content and great links, retweet a lot, and do a lot of @ replies (include context). And the followers will come to you.

You’re welcome to follow me on twitter–I’m at I promise I’ll visit your page (though maybe not right away) and if I like what you have there and find it relevant, I’ll follow back.


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