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If I Could Always be So Productive…#blogboost

August 22nd, 2010 · 5 Comments · Shel's Personal Life

Heck, I’d settle for two days a week as productive as today. I’d be soooo grateful–and so accomplished! Wrote a long blog on public transit, an article about Green marketing, a much-improved of the query letter I hope will launch my syndicated Green and Profitable column, created a new questionnaire for book consulting clients, and critiqued a client’s book proposal (I don’t normally do ANY client work on weekends, but this had a deadline of tomorrow AM and I was off all day Friday speaking at Boston Greenfest), and managed to deal with 150 or so e-mails.

And…shelled a bunch of our garden edemame (tender young soybeans), cooked a three-course dinner of mostly garden veggies, made a batch of tomato sauce, hiked for half an hour between rainstorms, did a load each of laundry and dishes plus hand-washed all the pots and wooden stuff. Also got in some fun time with Dina and a bit of reading.

And now I just wrote this blog, just reflecting on the wonder of it all.

I have two more hours left, probably, before I crash. Going to try to get through another 100 or so emails and then five miles on the exercise bike with Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, “Lacuna.” And then a well-earned rest.

All this while everybody’s complaining that Mercury is in retrograde and they can’t get anything done.


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