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Hmmm…Does McCain Really WANT to be President?

October 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Politics

Yes, he’s sold his soul to the devil and gone back on everything we used to think he believed in (even opposition to torture). But a recent article in Huffington Post makes me wonder if it’s all a front. Apparently McCain thinks he can start assembling his government after the election.

The Democratic nominee has enlisted the assistance of dozens of individuals — divided into working groups for particular federal agencies — to produce policy agendas and lists of recommended appointees. As evidence of their advanced preparations, officials provided a copy of the strict ethics guidelines that individuals working on the transition effort are required to sign.

John McCain, by contrast, has done little. Campaign spokespersons did not respond to requests for elaboration. But one official with direct knowledge, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, expressed concern with McCain’s approach. The Arizona Senator has instructed his team to not spend time on the transition effort, according to the source

Hey, John–if you want to turn an aircraft carrier, you start the process before you get to the place where you want to turn.

Meanwhile, a very well-researched piece in Rolling Stone claims that the nasty, no-principles, and incompetent McCain we’re seeing is totally consistent with his history: that his goal all along, even in his Hanoi days, has always been McCain first, and never country first, and his competence was always in doubt. He may have been the only airman ever to wreck three separate aircraft. Most airmen who are not sons of admirals don’t get the chance to wreck a second, let alone a third.


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