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Five Steps to Success on Twitter

March 19th, 2009 · 35 Comments · Marketing Techniques and Philosophies, Marketing Trends/News, Web 2.0/Social Media

People are always telling me they don’t “get” Twitter. I took to it immediately, maybe because I’ve been doing social media marketing since 1995, and writing about it since 1991. In honor of being named one of the Top 11 blogs covering social media, here’s a 5-point Twitter success strategy.

1. Post some really worthwhile links, good commentary, etc.
2. Follow a few influential people and then send an appropriate @ message to them once in a while
3. Keep the signal: noise ratio high, but engage in human dialog–don’t make it all about you–pick a few people to engage in meaningful sustained conversation
4. Retweet when you find posts useful
5. Post often enough to keep active, not so often that you annoy people

Bonus tip: Your profile page should have a real photo, real name, web links, and perhaps something else of interest (I have my book covers). Here’s a link to mine.

And it takes care of itself. I joined in August and have nearly 1200 followers, haven’t chased them, just used the above method.

BTW, my new e-book, “Web 2.0 Marketing for the 21st Century” (which I include as a bonus with either of my Grassroots Marketing books, or sell separately for $12.95), goes into Twitter and Facebook strategies in much more detail.

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